Our Story

In Brazil, particularly within the state of Minas Gerais, there are a plethora of cachaça manufacturers, almost all homemade. They are usually family producers who manufacture the cachaça without paying much attention to procedures, which might improve product quality, especially regarding issues surrounding sterility.

We wanted to create a business, which would add more value to cachaça. As part of our rigorous manufacturing processes, we received the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil (MAPA), and also implemented tracking control. In 2012, we created Cachaçaria Vista Verde, adhering to protection standards and procedures to ensure the highest quality possible at various control points, from the planting of the sugarcane, to the bottling process to create a product fit for sales both in Brazil and abroad.

The biggest point of difference in Cachaça Vista Verde is our ability to capture all components of the cachaça. This technique is known as congeners coefficient, and is instantly recognisable to the taster of quality cachaças.

It is vital that each step in the manufacturing process is carefully monitored, particularly regarding the quality and preservation of healthy yeast during the fermentation stage. During the distillation process, we use the terms “head, heart and syrup” to describe the different parts of the cachaça in the still. At the top and the bottom of the fermentation barrel, (the Head and the syrup) there may be some harmful components, which can compromise the taste of cachaça. We remove these components to ensure that only the cachaça known as the "heart" remains.

The company works harmoniously with the environment. We manage all of the industrial waste, and it is reversed and used as a fertilizer for the sugarcane itself.